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Fostering deeper connection on campus and beyond.

The University of Denver (DU) Student Foundation is an organization that encourages and creates innovative ways to increase DU community involvement on campus through contributions of time and money. We support other student organizations to create more inclusive experiences for those who don’t have the resources to do so.


We help identify areas of student need, from food insecurity to access to health and counseling services.


We connect people and initiatives at DU, and work to address student needs through contributions of time and money.


At the end of the day, we celebrate the collective impact of the DU community.

DU Community Campaigns

Throughout the year we highlight student focused programs or projects so you can see the ways in which a donation can impact DU students and our campus community. Join us this spring at GradFest on May 4th and 1Day4DU on May 18th.

Student Assistance Fund

Helps students with unforeseen financial hardship without strings attached.

DU Food Pantry

The DU Food Pantry is open to all members of the DU Community who are experiencing food insecurity on campus.

CAPE Survivor Fund

CAPE facilitates healing by providing advocacy & support for victims of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment

Health and Counseling Center (HCC) Access Fund

A donation to this fund helps remove financial barriers to health and counseling services for DU students!

Vision and Mission Statement

The University of Denver Student Foundation strives for an engaged and philanthropic campus dedicated to the public good. The Student Foundation supports and celebrates University of Denver community engagement through contributions of time and money to ensure the future and growth of the University.

Collective Impact

University of Denver students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends continue to have a positive influence on their peers and community. The DU Student Foundation works to obtain data and stories to form a better understanding of our collective impact on our campus and the Denver community.

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For all general inquires, contact

Paul Slater

Paul Slater

President, University of Denver Student Foundation
Nora Ballard

Nora Ballard

Vice President, University of Denver Student Foundation